ASKF Hombu Dojo National Headquarters

Since the 1960s the American Shotokan Karate Federation grew from teaching in American Universities with Physical education and extra-curricular learning. The home of the ASKF remained at South Dakota State University in Brookings South Dakota. This had always been a springboard that launched other clubs nationally and internationally, yet severed minimal in sustaining a local presence of membership. 

As Sensei Richard Gould began passing his teaching objectives, administration responsibilities, and position of the acting head to the organization to his son, Sensei David Gould, a need for a new working headquarters manifested. This decision became enforced by some self-advantageous driven ASKF students of former students based in Minnesota. The new home would be based in the greater Denver area in Aurora, Colorado.

The commercial establishment and new hombu (headquarters) for the ASKF emerged with the help of the area’s large and welcoming karate community. Sensei David Gould, took his place as the acting head of the dojo and began training a new generation of students. All new students’ teachings are built on the beliefs, ethics, and training passed down from the first days of Karate in old Japan. 

Fortified by his ASKF seniors, Sensei D. Gould now runs the internationally recognized ASKF, administration and oversees all activities, and has entered over 100 people into the ASKF in the first year. The structuring of the teachings and administration is coupled with traditional karate teachings passed down with experience learned from decades inside the veritably dynamic karate world. 

Sensei Gould continues to train all the while filling the new ranks of the ASKF. Training continues to be open to all karate students, from any organization, and from any walks of life.

For more information please contact Sensei Gould at the Shotokan Karate Dojo in Aurora, Colorado.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of the Giants.” – Isaac Newton.