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Lisa Bohnert – 2nd Dan

I am Lisa Bohnert, sensei and chief instructor of the Glencoe Karate Club, in Glencoe, MN. In November of the year 2000 I joined the Glencoe club and began my Shotokan training, under the direction of sensei John Grunloh. This ASKF club was formed in 1986. When Mr. Grunloh retired in 2010, I was asked to take over the club.

My training includes 10 years with Mr. Grunloh, BBA, and many quarterly training seminars and summer camps with sensei Richard Gould and his many guest instructors. I earned my shodan in 2007 and started the Little Kickers program to encourage younger students and prepare them for future karate classes. In August of 2010 I became chief instructor of the Glencoe Karate Club, as well. In 2013 I earned my nidan, with sensei Gould as my instructor. I am very proud of my ASKF origins and will always be grateful for the excellent training I have received over the years.